Courses in Hypnotherapy

ICHP Training and Accreditation Institute have been offering Training in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy for over 20 years. The course consists of our Undergraduate Levels, Foundation, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and ICHP Associate Degree.

What the course will do for you

Find a new career, full-time or part-time, be your own boss, acquire advanced training if required, become a certified, registered hypnotherapist and acquire the necessary skills to help your fellow man.

Get your Foundation Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy

This Foundation Certificate course is designed for the new student to learn the basic skills of hypnosis and hypnotherapy while providing an excellent stepping stone to the Advanced Diploma level. Take the first step today.

Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

The Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy is available to students who have successfully completed the Foundation Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Sign up today and book your place on the next class.